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Harvest Moon Energy Clearing and Meditation Session – September 16 @ 7 p.m.

Each month graces us with the beauty of a full moon (and sometimes two full moons!). This month’s full moon is only a few days away. It’s a special moon, the Harvest Moon, and it’s sure to be a dazzler. This year’s Harvest Moon arrives...
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How do we save humanity? By believing in socialized psychopaths!

To break free from our self-destructive trajectory as a global society, more of us must awaken and accept Socialized Psychopaths are real and live among us. Socialized Psychopaths thrive on personal power and control. In order to be powerful and in control, psychopaths need to dominate non-psychopaths. Fortunately, the destructive powers of a socialized psychopath are only as dangerous as the level of power we non-psychopaths give away to them. As non-psychopaths, we control the release valve of power; the psychopath does not.

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The solution to FINALLY free yourself from the grip of sociopath abuse

The solution to sociopath abuse recovery you’ve been waiting has arrived!

Are you tired of not feeling 100% healed from the sociopath abuse you endured? Are you tired of being afraid to open your heart to love again? Are you tired of not trusting yourself, your inner voice, and being filled with self-doubt and self-defeating thoughts?

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