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Sociopath Abuse Recovery Essentials:

Just do it! Energy Activation Toolkit

Do you feel like the major choices you make aren’t your choices…like someone or something else is pulling the strings and they’re pulling the WRONG ones?

Are you struggling with intrusive thoughts looping and looping inside your mind uncontrollably, distracting you from living?

Are you tired of feeling drained despite all your efforts to get enough sleep, nap, and relax like all the self-help books recommend?

If this sounds like your current state, your ENERGY supply has been compromised…by a SOCIOPATH, other ENERGY VAMPIRES, outdated thought forms, and fears…HOOKED INTO YOU, misguiding, depleting, weakening, and quite literally, making you sick.

With a few simple tools, you can unhook them and re-ACTIVATE YOUR ENERGY for your own use. Your energy belongs to YOU! No one else. It’s time to take it back, tap into your full potential and purpose, and REALLY HEAL!

Use the toolkit every day to:

  • Free your body, mind, and spirit of the cognitive dissonance in the aftermath of trauma and abuse;
  • End the intrusive thoughts and give your mind an opportunity to rest and restore itself;
  • Re-train your brain to discern between immediate threats and past trauma triggers;
  • Increase self-patience; eliminate unnecessary shaming and blaming; and
  • Build intuition, self-trust, self-love, and self-awareness.