Dr. Robin Zasio, star of A&E’s HOARDERS and author of “The Hoarder in You“, interviewed me on her radio show, “Mental Health Matters” on AM 1380 The Answer out of Sacramento, California.

Hands down, she’s the most well-informed and heart-centered person to ever interview me. She gets it. She gets the challenges. She understands and doesn’t sympathize, doesn’t feel sorry for me.

She treated me as her equal and believes in this work, the passionate work to spread awareness to everyone impacted by relationship abuse and to spread hope that we are all destined to heal and be transformed in the aftermath no matter how long we’ve endured living in secret with our shame and pain.

By giving me the opportunity to speak in a safe environment free of judgment or doubt, she provided all of us with hope and inspiration. Please listen and enjoy this radio recording and share with your loved ones and friends on social media.

I share parts of my story I never imaged I’d be able to share before, because I absolutely believe my story will help and save others.