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Love. Life. Om. Mindfulness specializes in Mindfulness Coaching, Sociopath Abuse Awareness, Trauma Recovery Resources, Domestic Violence Advocacy, Veteran Outreach, and all things Healthy and Holistic!

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Are you a WINNER trapped inside a LOSER?

​Are you a WINNER trapped inside a LOSER? Do you work your a** off every day, only to experience little or no improvement in performance? Do you find activities and exercises that once created amazing results suddenly without reward? As a result, does the road...
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A Police Officer’s Story – I never understood why victims stay; now I do.

I love him…I do. But I don’t know if I can continue to live this way. When I was an officer, I could never understand why women or men would stay in the same house when they were being abused. Beware of these people at all costs!!! One red flag brings on many red flags. Your emotions will never matter. You will always be told you’re overreacting when you confront them about their abusive behaviors.

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Maybe I’ve been spending too much time with monks or watching too many films about the Dalai Lama. I’m not sure. What I’m certain of is this: There IS a non-violent “weapon” to use to combat domestic violence in our society....
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Books by Paula

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Unashamed Voices

Unashamed Voices by Paula CarrasquiloUnashamed Voices: True Stories Written by Survivors of Domestic Violence, Rape and Fraud Exposing Sociopaths in Our Midst is an anthology of 38 raw stories from across the globe intended to expose unchallenged, pathological behaviors of sociopaths and narcissists and dispel victim-blaming myths surrounding domestic violence and intimate partner abuse.

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Escaping the Boy

Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath (revisited)Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath is one woman's reflection on an abusive relationship with a narcissistic sociopath. Written at the height of the author's confusion and self-doubt, the story unravels the truth behind the mind games, manipulation, and control insidiously interwoven into relationships with sociopaths marked by co-dependency and toxicity.

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