​Are you a WINNER trapped inside a LOSER?

Do you work your a** off every day, only to experience little or no improvement in performance?

Do you find activities and exercises that once created amazing results suddenly without reward?

As a result, does the road ahead seem an impossible journey?

Has your life become a never-ending search for the MAGIC BULLET, that one CRUCIAL piece of information you’ve somehow missed along the way? Do you buy into all the fad diet and career trends? Try all the supplements and self-help books? Mix cardio with strength training and writing with a Toast Master’s membership? Run on a track and work at a treadmill desk? Maximize your step count goals and sleep with your Fitbit to collect “valuable” data points?

You SHOULD be the spokesperson for Nike or on the cover of Fortune, right? After all, you JUST DO IT every day! You’re doing it right now! And you’re doing it perfectly, exactly how all the books and gurus tell you to do it.

Worst of all, your hard work seemed to be working in the beginning, but now it isn’t.

You’re becoming sick, weak, making excuses (plateaus are expected, right?), and believe you’re either TOO OLD, GETTING OLD, or not meant to get better…it’s simply not YOUR DESTINY…and you’ve convinced yourself your limitations are not within your control.

Someone else was meant to be the winner, not you.

Hmm? What if I told you all you’re hard work feels like you’re pushing a bolder up a hill because YOU CREATED THE BOLDER AND THE HILL?

“Why would I do that, Paula?”


You don’t believe me? Then ask yourself THESE 4 SIMPLE QUESTIONS and answer them with ABSOLUTE HONESTY:

#1 – Do I TRUST myself? Do I listen to my gut and follow its advice or do I ignore my gut and come up with reasons why my inner voice is a crazy talker?

#2 –  Do I LOVE myself? Am I able to be alone in life without the NEED to have someone else tell me they love me or show me how I’m supposed to live?

#3 –  Do I KNOW myself? Do I understand my motivations and from where they are born? Can I list my passions without fear of what others will think of my passions?

#4 –  Do I feel SAFE? Am I able to speak freely about my opinions, likes, dislikes, including people I like and experiences that have shaped me without worrying about hurting or offending those with whom I share my life?

If you are unable to answer YES to ALL of these questions, you’re a WINNER trapped inside a LOSER.

TRUST – WINNERS trust they can take on the next challenge after they meet their current goal; LOSERS fear the next goal requires more than they can handle, so they mentally abort meeting their current goal.

LOVE – WINNERS love change and becoming a better version of themselves; LOSERS fear others will judge them if they change, so they avoid going deep.

KNOWING – WINNERS know failure is possible but allow their passion to be their guide; LOSERS think failure is just another opportunity for people to judge them.

SAFETY – WINNERS create their own safe inner haven from where all ideas and healthy behaviors flow; LOSERS look to others for safety and all the answers about how to live, while slamming the door in their inner hero’s face.

It’s time to break free. It’s time to ANNIHILATE the ENERGETIC BLOCKS and ATTACHMENTS holding you back and making you feel like a LOSER!

Contact me to learn how. The solution is self-empowering and easier than you might think.

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Paula Reeves-Carrasquillo

Mindfulness Coach at Love. Life. Om. Mindfulness
Paula is a passionate and innovative author, educator, and mindfulness coach.
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