It’s Loving Kindness Wednesday!

Not long ago, it was VERY tempting for me to blame my lack of progress and positive forward momentum on what seemed like an ominous, negative force overshadowing my life and causing failure after failure.

Despite the inner work I did and the action steps I took toward improving myself, I’d inevitably run into road blocks and negative experiences outside of my control.

For a while, I blamed an invisible and sinister energy, which I was convinced followed me around cursing all of the positive changes I made, holding me back physically, emotionally, and spiritually from having more profound breakthroughs.

Once I realized that believing in the negative energy gave power to the negative energy, I began shifting my focus to the dream at hand rather than my fear of failure which the negative energy manifested.

But this shift didn’t mean road blocks ceased to exist. I also had to change my mindset when faced with road blocks. So instead of crying, “Not again!! Why can’t I move beyond this?” I said, “OK. What message is being sent to me? What am I doing that I can change?”

For example, last night my computer crashed in the middle of recording the live webinar for session 2 of my “Journey to the Heart” series. I was immediately crushed. In the past, I would have thrown my hands in the air and given up, cancelling all future webinars thinking the negative energy on my back was too powerful to overcome.

Instead, I started to breathe and listen for the message. I heard, “Paula, you don’t really like talking to yourself with everyone on listen-only mode anyhow. These webinars feel too impersonal for you. You like talking one-on-one with people.”

So the idea to add a co-organizer finally stuck. I’d thought about it before but feared no one would be interested. I immediately reached out to my friend who had been logged onto the webinar and asked for her help. She said yes!! 

So despite the perceived failure of last night’s webinar, I realized my higher self threw the wrench hoping I would pay closer attention to my inner voice asking me to find an approach that aligned better with who I am and the individuals I’m passionate about reaching.

I finally released the fear of reaching out for partnership.


When you’re aware of your fears and anxieties, you have the power to release them.

Many of us get hung up on trying to figure out where our fears originate before we give ourselves permission to overcome our fears. By doing so, we create unnecessary superstitions and road blocks to our recovery and discovery.

So instead of believing you need to know the source before you change your mindset, consider changing your mindset first. Once you’re committed to changing your mindset, the answers related to the source of your old fears and anxieties gradually surface as wondrous “a-ha!” moments. And because you’ve already propelled yourself toward a fresh new mindset, these moments of clarity do not have the power to cause additional fears, worries, or feelings of inadequacy.

You no longer blame yourself for taking so long to figure out a solution. You’re just thrilled you finally discovered one!

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