Welcome! I’m Paula Carrasquillo, and I’m so happy you found my site.

I’m a certified yoga teacher and meditation guide with an MA in Communication and Adult Education and working towards earning an MS in Yoga Therapy.

My coaching style integrates Mezirow’s theory of TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING, because in order to heal ourselves, we must be open and receptive to question and change our psychology, convictions, and behaviors via deep contemplation, acquisition, and application of new information and previously dormant inner knowledge.

About Me

I have more than 15 years of experience as a professional working in various sectors and industries, including community corrections, government health agencies, corporations, non-profits, and institutes of higher education. My clients are diverse and come from many backgrounds, cultures, and countries. I work with all genders and have the ability to support individuals remotely and/or in-person.

I’m living proof that experiencing trauma and abuse doesn’t mean an end to peace and happiness. I survived, I’m thriving, and I want you to thrive, too! Mindfulness practices saved me, and I’m on a mission to offer a taste of the mindfulness life to everyone open to receiving it.

Don’t wait any longer. Just do it!

How I Found Mindfulness

hands_over_faceFive years ago, I was lost and flailing, but clueless that I was lost and flailing. I was disconnected and delusional about myself and thought my life was pretty good despite some serious set backs. What I failed to see at the time was that the set backs I was experiencing were the same set backs I had kept living and reliving most of my adult life. Unbeknownst to me, I kept cycling through the same lessons, never learning a damn thing. I was tired. My mind was tired; my body was tired; my spirit was tired. I was tired of myself and tired of feeling like I was completely and permanently broken forever.

Out of pure fear at the thought of undergoing another knee surgery, I took a leap of faith and stumbled into a yoga studio for the first time. I was 39-years-old. I was in a lot of physical and emotional pain, but I still had a few strands and filaments of hope left in my heart. I’d read all the yoga websites and testimonials I could find. It seems people were experiencing miracles on the mat, and I wanted to test the waters myself. After the first class, my self-awareness shifted, resulting in profound changes and transformation within me. Yes, after just one class, my life changed forever.

How Mindfulness Healed Me

Geometry of the Soul series two. Interplay of human profile and abstract elements on the subject of spirituality, science, creativity and human mindStepping onto the mat inspired me to start blogging about something I had been too ashamed to address previously: my abusive relationship past. While connecting to blog readers, I continued to “let go” of emotional pain and suffering and my passion to help and support other victims and survivors emerged. To reach individuals beyond my blog, I self-published my first book, Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath, in August 2012 and my second book, Unashamed Voices, in December 2014. Both are raw and engaging and offer victims and survivors validation they so desperately seek and deserve.

In addition to yoga and writing as therapy, I also journeyed into other mindfulness practices, including meditation, energy healing, and nutrition. The results of my continued transformation inspired me to move, with a greater sense of purpose, in the direction of serving others. So I invested a lot of money and time into studying these mindfulness modalities and earned certifications as a yoga teacher in 2014, a health coach in 2015, and a meditation guide in 2016. I also trained intensively with Source Movement Academy throughout 2015 and 2016 and hold a certification in 15th dimensional auric clearing.

Continuing Efforts to Spread Awareness

In addition to offering services to anyone interested in the benefits of Mindfulness Coaching, I work diligently to keep a spotlight on mindfulness modalities and awareness of domestic violence, rape, and fraud. I’ve been interviewed and featured on HuffPost Live and in the pages of Yoga Journal and OM magazines. I also write a health and wellness column, Living Inside Out Loud, for Communities Digital News. I’ve taught weekly yoga classes to associates at Marriott International’s corporate headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland and yoga nidra guided meditation to the public in the DC metro area. I also facilitate mindfulness workshops to children in the Montgomery County Public School system in Maryland, one of the top performing public school districts in the country.

Contact me to learn how I can serve you, your family, and your organization.