It’s been a few weeks since I hosted For the Love of Lavender, a meditation and yoga event at Soleado Lavender Farm (pictured) just around the corner from my home here in Maryland.

Amazingly, we raised $235 for my charity of choice, The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Debbie and Paula in Austin, Texas – July 2017

As a follower of this blog, you may remember I visited The Hotline in Austin, Texas this past July with my friend and fellow thriver, Debbie. We were both incredibly moved and awe struck by the organization’s thoughtfulness and the selflessness and incredible knowledge shared by the advocates working the phones, text, and chat lines.

  • Did you know The Hotline requires 40+ hours of training before an advocate can take a call or respond to a text without supervision?
  • Did you know each advocate working at The Hotline learns about narcissistic personality disorder and tell-tale signs of psychological abuse like love-bombing and gaslighting?
  • Did you know The Hotline does NOT ask for your name when you call?
  • Did you know victims, survivors, counselors of victims and survivors, and even perpetrators are welcome to call The Hotline?
  • Did you know The Hotline will provide you with a list of housing, counseling, and advocate resources in your state or region when you call?
  • Did you know you can talk to an advocate for as long as you’d like AND you can call back as often as necessary?
  • Did you know the advocates are available to listen to you, not tell you what you should or shouldn’t do?

The Hotline is in place to empower EVERYONE, from victims and their support system seeking clarity and validation to abusers seeking the courage to end their harmful pattern of behavior. The Hotline advocates for #LovingKindness for ALL…every day.

Provided below is the most recent message delivered to my inbox from The Hotline’s CEO, Katie Ray-Jones. Please consider making a donation to The Hotline today!

Words matter. Actions matter.

Victims and survivors of all forms of relationship violence know this better than anyone—and so do we. We hear it every day from people all over the country who are alone, scared and reaching out for help, many for the first time.

This year, these words take on even greater urgency.

  • Perpetrators of violence are newly emboldened.
  • Victims of violence – especially in immigrant communities – are afraid to report abuse for fear of being deported.
  • Laws are being re-written to push back gains on college campuses.
  • Funding for programs to prevent violence and aid for survivors are being cut.
  • This new climate demands more from each one of us. Suddenly, both our words and our actions matter like never before.

Please act now to support the work of the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Together, we can help the hundreds of thousands of people who reach out to us every year for help – resilient people who seek understanding, healing and safety from abusers.

In addition to answering calls, chats and texts, we are reshaping the national dialogue around domestic violence to help prevent and temper its impact – by lifting up the voices of victims and survivors in both the Supreme Court and Congress.

Let’s do this transformative work together. At this moment, there is no greater calling.


Katie Ray-Jones, CEO

If you or someone you know is currently struggling to escape an abusive relationship and simply needs an ear to listen and a heart to touch, call The Hotline now:

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