It’s that time of year again…spring cleaning! Did you remember to add “Clear my energy field” to your cleaning and decluttering list? 

Each time I clear and recharge my field with new energy and downloads, my mind becomes clearer and my intuition soars. I want these amazing benefits to be accessible to you, too, so I’m offering 50% off your first energy clearing session or package between now and June 30, 2016.

What is energy clearing and why is it important? 

We begin our life journey as pure, unencumbered, open-hearted souls ready to venture fearlessly into adventure. Our energy fields are open and receptive; our intuition is strong and powerful. But over time, we accumulate “garbage” and “baggage”, which interferes with our freedom and ability to connect effortlessly to our higher self and divine life purpose. This garbage comes in many forms:

  • toxic people;
  • traumatic situations and events;
  • self-sabotaging thoughts and habits; and
  • less-than-favorable circumstances.

Rather than accepting and letting go of this unhealthy stuff as it occurs, we identify with it, hold onto it, and allow it to pile up in our energetic field thus blocking the ease and flow of life.

Unfortunately, life never ceases to bombard us with more stuff, and we form the conditioned belief that stress, pain, and suffering is to be expected and something we must manage. We powerlessly resign ourselves to believe there’s nothing we can do to relieve the burden of all the garbage.

auric clearing and chakra clearing for renewed energy and manifestingDon’t believe the bunk! 

You weren’t born to suffer needlessly in the midst of drama, chaos, and layers of gunk you never should’ve become attached to in the first place. An energy and auric clearing removes all the unnecessary gunk and wipes the slate clean at all levels, including the 7 major chakras and the 8 morphogenetic chakras, connecting you to the universe, your higher self, and highest frequency potential. All the “stuff” is released; you begin again…like the moment of your birth.

50% off single clearings and clearing packages

I’m certified to deliver intense, 15-dimensional auric clearings to remove blocks, attachments, old beliefs and contracts at all levels and replace them with new downloads and energy to free your mind, open your flow, and increase your ability to manifest abundance and reach your full potential, loving self.

Are you interested in experiencing a life-changing clearing? At the special discounted rate, you can experience the amazing benefits of a single-session for just $75. 

This special offer ends on June 30, 2016, but don’t wait! Contact me today to schedule your session or package. I look forward to providing you with this gift of clarity and deeper soul connection.

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