“Why do I need to ACTIVATE MY ENERGY?”

Because energy is EVERYTHING and your energy is being wasted inside a cycle of repeated trauma within your own body and mind.

In the aftermath of trauma and abuse, it’s crucial to understand how and why your system is behaving “badly”, so you can correct it, end the cycle of inner abuse, and start making healthy decisions and steps toward recovery and complete healing.
If you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, your system is behaving “badly” (and it’s nothing to be ashamed about):

>> Do you feel like the major choices you make aren’t your choices…like someone or something else is pulling the strings and they’re pulling the WRONG ones?

>> Are you struggling with intrusive and fearful thoughts looping and looping inside your mind uncontrollably, distracting you from living?

>> Are you chronically sick but can’t pinpoint the cause?

>> Are you perpetually feeling tired, fatigued, and drained despite all your efforts to get enough sleep, nap, and relax like all the self-help books recommend?

These feelings and challenges are all thanks to TRAUMA and are completely within your power to change.

Trauma negatively impacts the two main functional sides of your automatic nervous system:

1. Sympathetic Nervous System
2. Parasympathetic Nervous System

A traumatic event activates your sympathetic nervous system (SNS), the part of the brain responsible for alerting you to danger and armoring you up to fight or flee. Knowing when to fight or flee is a self-protective function and VERY useful. However, unreleased/unresolved trauma interferes with your ability to discern between real and perceived threats. Without this ability, your body is thrust into a constant state of fight or flight.

Essentially, the traumatic event(s) activated your SNS, and, for whatever reason, the switch got stuck in the “on” position.

As a result, the SNS blocks the activation of your parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS), the part of your automatic nervous system responsible for calming and restoring your mind and body. Without accessibility to the PSNS, your entire body, mind, and spirit becomes depleted of energy and vulnerable to potential health issues.

In the aftermath of trauma and abuse, many of us aren’t able to EFFECTIVELY rest and restore our body and mind due to always being on “high alert” and perceiving EVERYTHING as a threat. EVERYTHING triggers us, which depletes us of our vital life force energy and our ability to heal.

Many of us get sick with health issues that can’t be explained or treated by traditional medical approaches. Phantom conditions. Chronic conditions.

Trying to find the source of the pain is exhausting and even MORE of an ENERGY SUCK.

But all is not lost! You can retrain and re-calibrate your nervous system to stop behaving “badly” and start behaving as nature intended.

Making the shift requires a little effort, commitment, and the desire to heal.

My FREE Energy Activation Toolkit will help you get started. Use the toolkit every day to:

>> Free your body, mind, and spirit of the cognitive dissonance in the aftermath of trauma and abuse;

>> End the intrusive thoughts and give your mind an opportunity to rest and restore itself;

>> Re-train your brain to discern between immediate threats and past trauma triggers;

>> Increase self-patience; eliminate unnecessary shaming and blaming; and

>> Build intuition, self-trust, self-love, and self-awareness.

Access the toolkit today!

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