To break free from our self-destructive trajectory as a global society, more of us must awaken and accept Socialized Psychopaths are real and live among us. Socialized Psychopaths thrive on personal power and control. In order to be powerful and in control, psychopaths need to dominate non-psychopaths. The formula Socialized Psychopaths use to dominate individuals and groups is always the same:

1. Socialized Psychopaths take on persona or mask. Psychopaths must convince non-psychopath targets that the psychopath is just like them. This builds trust and respect. It’s easy for psychopaths to take on any role they need to take on. They have no conscience. So if a psychopath wants to con and steal from any group or organization, the psychopath simply observes the social norms and behavior of the group and then gradually takes on the persona of the ideal group member. More often than not, the psychopath becomes the star and model of the group in a short span of time. Socialized psychopaths can do this in any environment, especially in environments where people are attempting to impact the community with positive social change. Why? Because these are places where really good people exist, and really good people, to a psychopath, are the easiest targets to fool.

2. Socialized Psychopaths plant seeds of doubt.  Once the trust and respect is established, the psychopath plants seeds of doubt within the mind of non-psychopaths. The psychopath will be covert at first and grow increasingly direct. For example, to plant seeds of doubt about the value of being moral and good, psychopaths will tell stories highlighting their past immoral behavior to prove that being bad actually pays off better than being good. While spinning these tales and scenarios, the psychopath will seek validation from the non-psychopath and use language such as “don’t you agree” or “surely you’ve considered doing something like this yourself, right?” And because the non-psychopath has already been groomed to believe the psychopath is just like the non-psychopath, the non-psychopath will give credence and consideration to the dark spin on life and existence the psychopath presents.

3. Socialized Psychopaths play the pressure game. Once seeds of doubt are planted, the psychopath begins the pressure game and repeatedly encourages the non-psychopath to behave out-of-character. More often than not, the pressure game begins with what most non-psychopaths would consider innocent gossip.Quickly, the innocent gossip, which is always initiated by the psychopath, becomes less and less innocent as the psychopath’s dislike and disgust for the subject of the gossip becomes more obvious. Although the non-psychopath may initially think, “Oh, that’s harsh!”, the non-psychopath ends up feeling elevated and privileged based on the simple fact that the psychopath, who the non-psychopath reveres and admires by this point, isn’t making the non-psychopath the subject of the gossip. “Thank goodness it’s not me the psychopath is talking about like that!”

4. Socialized Psychopaths corner and trap. The psychopath successfully traps the non-psychopath once the non-psychopath surrenders to/allows/permits/complies with the whims of the psychopath. Again, the shift is subtle while simultaneously being aggressive. Essentially, the psychopath shuts down objections from the non-psychopath by saying things like, “Well, that’s not what you thought yesterday when you laughed with me and agreed with me about this.” Thus begins the non-psychopath’s moral, internal struggle, which, more often than not, ends with a surrender to the psychopath’s game. After all, the non-psychopath is still under the impression that the psychopath is just like the non-psychopath and has a conscience and remorse. The non-psychopath attempts to justify and reconcile his/her compliance internally with self-talk such as, “Innocent gossip is just innocent gossip, right? People can’t get hurt from innocent gossip, right?”

5. Socialized Psychopaths diminish and berate. Inevitably, the non-psychopath becomes confused and exhausted by the psychopath’s games. People ARE getting hurt and the psychopath’s jokes, ridicule, and cheating of others isn’t funny anymore. The non-psychopath loses interest and all desire to continue pleasing the psychopath. Once it’s clear to the psychopath that the non-psychopath isn’t complying and is questioning the psychopath’s motives more and more, the psychopath shifts the criticism and begins devaluing, minimizing, diminishing, and berating the non-psychopath’s character. Everything the psychopath once praised the non-psychopath for being is now reversed, ridiculed, and belittled. It’s very confusing for the non-psychopath, and the non-psychopath WILL defend him/herself. And when anyone defends themselves against a psychopath, the default tactic of a psychopath is to call the non-psychopath crazy, bipolar, and borderline nuts. This places the non-psychopath at disadvantage among all others in the group or organization. No one will be able to understand why the non-psychopath is suddenly being so cruel to the psychopath (whom the non-psychopath once praised and revered and who remains the star and model of the organization/community), so everyone else will go along with the psychopath’s assumption that the non-psychopath has lost his/her mind. People will say things like, “How can she go from thinking he’s the love of her life and then suddenly to thinking he’s the devil? Makes no sense. He’s done so much for her. She’s lost it…yeah.”

6. Socialized Psychopaths discard and destroy. If the non-psychopath continues being non-compliant and threatens to expose or does expose the psychopath, the psychopath is left with no choice but to discard, destroy, and throw the non-psychopath under the bus for all to witness. This can be a very, very ugly stage depending on how much power has been given to the psychopath in the family, community, and/or organization.

Fortunately, the destructive powers of a socialized psychopath are only as dangerous as the level of power we non-psychopaths give away to them. As non-psychopaths, we control the release valve of power; the psychopath does not.

Socialized Psychopaths (also referred to as “sociopaths”) charm and convince good people to behave from their shadow side in order to mask the reality of the Psychopath’s evil. The more people a Psychopath can convince to act like monsters under the Psychopath’s covert direction, the easier it is for the Psychopath to hide his/her true identity…in plain site…and place the blame on the non-psychopaths.

The shadow side is where fear lives. Healthy people with a conscience don’t allow themselves to heed their inner voice when their inner voice takes on their shadow side persona nor do healthy people with a conscience make it a habit of acting upon their shadow side without remorse. Healthy people with a conscience know their shadow side lacks morality and that acting upon it inevitably leads to harming others, including themselves.

And healthy people with a conscience are not innately programmed to harm themselves or others for pleasure or sport. But psychopaths are. They’re innately wired in reverse, and their reality directly opposes the reality of healthy people with a conscience.

Psychopaths, unlike non-psychopaths, know they’re different and know they’re wiring is messed up. This self-awareness on behalf of psychopaths is their key advantage over non-psychopaths. Why? Because the majority of non-psychopaths are unaware and a) don’t believe evil is real and b) believe we’re all wired with a conscience. As a result of a and b, unaware non-psychopaths place themselves at a disadvantage when a psychopath approaches to infiltrate their lives with control, manipulation, and inevitable harm and destruction of the non-psychopath.

This type of unaware and naive thinking on behalf of non-psychopaths results in constant battles between psychopaths and non-psychopaths at every level of humanity. Socialized Psychopaths are at the core of all injustices inflicted upon the earth and have hypnotized and continue to hypnotize people into thinking these injustices are expected and unchangeable:

War. Child pornography. Prostitution. Sex trafficking. Domestic violence. Cyber bullying.  Corporate monopolies. Politics. Rape. Incest. Court corruption. Gender inequality. Racial tensions. Intolerance of the “other”.

Socialized psychopaths perpetuate these global atrocities by convincing unaware, scared, and fearful non-psychopaths that it’s human nature to control, manipulate, and dominate others. This fearful and harmful way of thinking and making excuses for not taking action in a more loving direction will continue unless we accept socialized psychopaths actually exist and stop giving psychopaths exactly what they expect from non-psychopaths: POWER and infinite chances to redeem themselves.

To psychopaths, non-psychopaths are predictable suckers who can be repeatedly duped. And it’s a fun game for them. Psychopaths know they can’t change, but more importantly, psychopaths believe non-psychopaths can’t change either.

Psychopaths count on non-psychopaths to feel too guilty about punishing psychopaths justly. Instead, unaware non-psychopaths choose to unjustly punish those of us who believe in the existence of socialized psychopaths, because unaware non-psychopaths have been led to believe BY PSYCHOPATHS that psychopaths don’t exist and anyone who thinks they do must be sick and deranged.

If you stumble upon a person who attempts to convince you that it’s okay to con, steal, hate, lie, or cheat people and that person uses his/her “success” at conning, stealing, hating, lying, and cheating as proof that conning, stealing, hating, lying, and cheating people is perfectly acceptable; you’ve come face to face with a Psychopath who is grooming you to join him/her in the shadows of the dark side.

© 2016 Paula Carrasquillo

Paula Carrasquillo is a recognized author, yoga teacher, integrative nutrition health coach, and energy healer. As a mindfulness coach, she combines her training and experience to help individuals learn how to heal themselves in the aftermath of sociopath and narcissist abuse.

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