Meeting your PRIMARY FOOD needs is the key to true happiness, love, and discovering your authentic, full-potential self so you can fully heal from the inside out—body, mind, and spirit!

Are you tired of re-living the same lessons over and over again only to end up exactly where you started: UNHAPPY, STRESSED, TIRED, and FRUSTRATED?

If you relate to this statement, it’s likely you’re not meeting your PRIMARY FOOD needs and are instead trying to meet the expectations of what others think your primary food choices should be.

Most of us think of food as JUST the stuff we eat, the stuff we choose to buy at the grocery store or in restaurants to fuel our bodies.

There’s another type of food we choose to consume every single day, consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. It’s called PRIMARY FOOD.

PRIMARY FOODS are things we often take for granted and don’t consider to be food. It’s the stuff we quietly “eat” to fuel our mind and spirit. Things like:

>> Educating and expanding our gross and subtle intellect
>> Spending quality time with friends and family
>> Exercising and moving our bodies
>> Working in careers that are meaningful and stress-free

And like the food we eat, we are in COMPLETE CONTROL of the primary foods we consume. Unfortunately, many of us consume PRIMARY FOODS out of alignment with who we REALLY are by:

>> Going to school to study subjects our parents or peers told us were best for advancement
>> Committing to and remaining in unhealthy and less-than-ideal relationships because society told us being alone is for losers and ending relationships is a sign of failure
>> Avoiding the gym because we think we’re too fat to wear the workout clothes or not flexible enough to do the workouts
>> Taking jobs because the salary pays the bills, mortgage and car loan despite the negative health consequences related to stress due to lack of meaningful work or a passive-aggressive boss

Are your primary food needs being met? Or are you letting someone else choose your primary foods for you? This may not be an easy question for you to answer, which is completely normal. More often than not, stress, anxiety and pain are a direct result of not meeting our primary food needs, because we’re allowing others to dictate our needs.

Why would we do that? Why would we let someone else choose for us?

Unfortunately, far too many people have opinions about what we SHOULD be doing with our lives. These folks are seemingly well-meaning (unless they’re pathological like narcissists and sociopaths). People like our parents, siblings, romantic partners, spouses, college roommates, coworkers, bosses, the blogger we like, etc. all mean well when they’re dishing out adviceTo our detriment, we take their advice and opinions personally, to heart, and try in vain to meet their expectations.

When we do this, we generally ALWAYS FAIL. Why? Because no one knows what’s best for you or the lessons you must learn in this life better than you do.

Intellectually, we all understand this, yet we continuously give heed to the opinions of others.

Again, why?

Possibly, to fit in. To avoid arguments. To make everyone else but ourselves feel comfortable. We ignore our true nature, our voice, our intuitive guides, and instead set out to be PERFECT according to society’s standards and not our own standards.

(Not cool. This ain’t cool. I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit tired of trying and failing only to realize I initiated a plan for which I didn’t agree to 100% in the first place. Ludicrous!)

I’d like to believe society desires each of us to be fully authentic. I’d like to believe society will stop interjecting it’s opinion and formulas for success and instead have our backs as we feed our souls with our very own personalized, proprietary PRIMARY FOOD choice blends.


You’re allowed to be picky with the food you eat, so why not give yourself permission to be choosy and selective with the education, jobs, people, and activities you invite into your life?

First, create a list of actions to take to meet your goals within each of the FOUR PRIMARY FOOD groups:

  1. CAREER (includes education and life-long learning)

Then start by excitedly saying Yes! to your ideals and apologetically saying No, thank you! to other people’s expectations of you.

Try this for a day….for 7 days…for 21 days! You’ll soon discover a place inside where your most creative thoughts and dreams live and from where your life’s purpose awaits patiently to bloom. Also, you will undoubtedly discover most people aren’t expecting you to follow their advice and won’t be offended when you don’t.

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