It’s Loving Kindness Wednesday! – time to reawaken your inner voice to overcome the suffering caused by obsessive thoughts and ruminating.

You feel helpless to end the ruminating. You’re convinced you can’t break free from the cycle of pain, regret, anger, confusion, and sadness. Someone along the way convinced you you were broken and pointed to your ruminating as a clear sign you’re broken.
Wrong!! There’s no such thing as broken. What your mind is doing is part of a defense mechanism…a defense mechanism gone a little bit overboard…but a natural defense mechanism none the less.

We’re meant to reflect upon events, circumstances, and people who have harmed us in order to avoid those types of events, circumstances, and people in the future. But because our trauma is compounded and because many of us experience additional trauma while coping with the initial trauma, our brain ceases to trust itself and we remain stuck in the loop of perpetual uncertainty, otherwise known as cognitive dissonance.

At the onset of cognitive dissonance, we simultaneously stop trusting our inner voice, the inner voice skilled at guiding us toward making the best choices for our happiness, well-being, and safety.

Essentially, cognitive dissonance makes the idea of CHOICE elusive to us. We lose our ability to trust our intuition, our gut instincts. But the choice is still available to us; our brains are simply fogged and disoriented by the intense impact of abuse.

You’re not broken. You’re inner voice still works; it’s just sleeping. It’s time to awaken it simply by believing that it’s within you, waiting for you to acknowledge it. It’s time to take baby steps toward acting on your gut again. By doing so, you re-wire and recalibrate your brain to a state of balance and homeostasis.

The ruminating, the fears, anxieties, and triggers that SEEM permanently embedded in your current mental process can be overcome. The first step to overcoming them is believing you CAN overcome them.

Start by creating a personal mantra to help you manifest this shift:

“I trust my inner voice. It never fails me. It guides me toward the healthiest and best choices for my happiness, safety, and overall well-being.”

Then consider beginning a guided meditation practice. Only 10 minutes twice a week to start. You’ll be amazed by the results!


Paula Carrasquillo, love. life. om. Founder and Mindfulness CoachPaula Carrasquillo is a certified yoga teacher, health coach, and energy healer passionate about supporting anyone struggling to discover abundant peace and energy. Her approach is gentle yet challenging. Contact Paula today to learn how mindfulness coaching can propel you to the next level!

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Paula is a passionate and innovative author, educator, and mindfulness coach.
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