Unashamed Voices – Survivor Story Series

Stories in this series are submitted by abuse survivors and supporters of abuse awareness, healing, and recovery.

All names and personal identifiers have been deleted and/or edited.

You may submit your story for the series by completing the Survivor Story Series Submission Form.

Erika’s Story – A soft-spoken and shy survivor who’s one hell of a fighter!

There are people in the world who want to hurt you because they need a scapegoat upon whom to unload their pain and feelings of worthlessness. Like Erika’s ex. He was very fond of weapons and kept a knife in his car and waved a samurai sword in front of her once, explaining how it could cut through bone. Much to his surprise and despite being physically small, soft spoken, and shy,  Erika is one hell of a fighter when the situation calls for it. This was one of those situations…

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Part 3: Nina’s Story – “Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.” – Benjamin Disraeli

This is our experience. We own everything that happened to us, and to suggest we somehow don’t have the right to speak the truth about it or characterize it as vengeful or hysterical is the same women-hating and silencing crap predatory men have been trying to get us to internalize since the beginning of time.

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Part 2: Nina’s Story – An unlikely sisterhood and laughing in the face of absurdity

Not one of us predicted these alliances. We realize this sorority may seem strange or unnatural to some, but our sisterhood has brought us peace, comfort, mercy, closure, and the understanding that comes only from those who share your experience.

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Part 1: Nina’s Story – A charismatic doctor and Lieutenant Colonel who violates HIPAA and military core values to seduce women? Yes.

When the police arrived, he put on the doctor/military officer charm and explained to them I’d just been in his house illegally and there was a strong possibility I may have firearms in my handbag, which I might have stolen from his home. This, of course, was ridiculous, but I had to submit to a search nonetheless.

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Diane’s Story – He was a doctor and medicated me against my will

He was a doctor and medicated me against my will. Before I met him, my life was going smoothly. I had a job, a house, and my car was paid off. My emotional state and spirit were also good. Sometimes I lacked in self-esteem and experienced spiritual imbalances. During these times, I’d regain balance by listening to Joel Osteen, which always revived me and gave me the power to move on. Then we met on a dating site…

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Carin’s Story – I was a victim and didn’t know it #3timevictim

The atrocities and stories I could share with this “old friend” would be horrific for some, but I’m sure many of you reading have or currently are experiencing the same. I believed he was a wonderful person, a great guy, and someone who would never hurt me. He was so good at maintaining a pristine reputation and playing the game. He brainwashed me; I didn’t realize to what extent until after I left.

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A Police Officer’s Story – I never understood why victims stay; now I do.

I love him…I do. But I don’t know if I can continue to live this way. When I was an officer, I could never understand why women or men would stay in the same house when they were being abused. Beware of these people at all costs!!! One red flag brings on many red flags. Your emotions will never matter. You will always be told you’re overreacting when you confront them about their abusive behaviors.

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Bridget’s Story – Enmeshment and abuse by narcissistic families

I was weak. I didn’t know how to define it at the time. Unbeknownst to me, the emotional and mental effects of the abusive marriage and subsequent abusive divorce process mirrored my childhood trauma. It was like I was re-living it all over again, which rendered me completely powerless.

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Amy’s story – I awoke to a stranger beside me on Valentine’s Day

Our first Valentine’s Day, I awoke to a stranger beside me. It was as if a switch had been flipped on his personality. He began pulling away from me, distancing himself. He was never emotionally there. Everyone needs to be more educated on personality disorders like narcissism and sociopathy.

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