I just found this website doing some research on my PTSD and my narcissistic relative. I strive for clarity. I'm crying my eyes out right now because you have made me realize that my childhood was because my relative is a sociopath. That none of it was me, and I can stop making excuses for my relative. I've been trying to figure out in my therapy whether I can have a relationship with him. And now I know the answer. Thank you for this wonderful website. It really helped.

"Activate Your Energy Toolkit" Client, U.S.A.

I just randomly found this page. There are so many people who have been harmed by sociopaths. Your compassion and diligence in listening and encouraging survivors of this kind of abuse is truly phenomenal. You are doing such a good work here and it’s a rare site to see. Thank you!


Blog reader

THAT book saved me. You helped save me. I didn't know other women existed who went through the same things. You started me on my path to healing. Thank you.


Blog and book reader, U.S.A.

I reached out to Paula when I thought I was dealing with sociopathic stonewalling and found her answers highly insightful and validating. Paula has a harrowing story that lets you know she knows what you’re going through if you believe you are in the clutches of a sociopath. She also has some handy techniques and tools to help you get free, which she offers people at no charge because she wants to lift up anyone who feels beaten down by a sociopath. If you just want insight and confirmation, Paula generously provides that in her 45-minute phone consultations, called clarity sessions. This could be your first step to the new life you long for – a life filled with peace, love and dignity, all of which you deserve.


Clarity call client, U.S.A.

I just wanted to say hi and thank you again for the work we did together. It really helped me. I feel a lot better than I did when I first called you. I feel waaay more detached and free. I'm still amazed by the power of mindfulness! I recently went for a 10-day vipassana meditation course, and it was truly life changing for me! Also, we talked about Kundalini yoga. I told you that I didn't like it, but last weekend I went to a Kundalini workshop and I feel like I really "got it" for the first time... Very powerful stuff!

Livia H.

30-day intensive client, Ontario, Canada

I'm do my cleansing meditations daily. In fact, I use your meditation before I do my morning stretches in bed. While sleeping, my body tenses up from the pain in my back from surgery, so I stretch before my feet ever hit the floor. I find doing your relaxation meditation before makes my stretches less painful and more productive. I'm more bendy!
Katy Shultz

Writer, Madeline Scribes

Paula is natural born coach and/or therapist. She has this incredible talent for helping you see, what you are unable to see. I liken it to working on a puzzle. Paula can see where the pieces of your life fit together when you are unable to. She is honest, direct, and inspiring.

I met Paula in 2013 when I was at the lowest point of my life. I fully believe I would not have gotten through that year without her support. Or maybe I would have but it would have taken longer. Whenever Paula would see me veering off course, she would gently nudge me back on the right path.

Additionally, Paula is a natural born writer. I find her blog inspiring. She brings people, especially women, together. She helps women of abuse tell their stories. She is patient, kind and intuitive. A true pioneer for women.

What I find so incredibly amazing about Paula is her tireless need to learn, improve, and grow. For a mom of a young son with a full time job, I am in awe of how she manages to find time for higher education.

Whether you hire her for coaching, yoga, or web content, you will be glad you did.

Susan Ierardo


Working with Paula has been one of the best things I’ve ever decided to do. She helped me achieve many of my health goals, but more importantly she helped me create a loving, accepting, and appreciative attitude towards myself and my body. I can now say I honestly love myself and want what is best for my body instead of mistreating myself with bad habits. This mindset change will help me continue to work towards my health goals long into the future. Anyone who is looking to improve their overall health needs to work with Paula.

Stacy Abke

Mindset and Clarity Coach, Stacy Abke

I'm "there!" I'm at that place of peace, love, joy, acceptance...and and confidence. You were the angel that appeared in my life at my lowest point, when I'd given up, but you were willing to give me a chance after having been at that low point once yourself. You changed my life. You transformed me. I have tears in my eyes as I type this.

I now understand the way of the universe with alignment and awareness and synchronicity. For the first time in 50 years, I'm not holding on to anything or anyone. I'm peaceful and content. I'm confident! Go figure?! I love me and I love life. I get that the universe brought us together and that it is exactly how it is supposed to be, but, you....there are no words to come close to describing my love and gratitude for you. You singlehandedly gave me life.

I want to help share your message of love and hope to the world. It's my message now too. It's my turn now to start giving back and to help someone who's been through the same hell I was in. And you were in. There are no coincidences. The teacher truly does appear when the student is ready. Thank you. I will forever love and appreciate you.

Paula is awesome! She’s helped me more than any doctor or therapist ever could. My life is so much better today all because of Paula! You’ll be amazed at how much she will change your life for the better. I’m a new person, and I give her all the credit.

Kim A.

College student; jewelry designer

I haven’t felt that relaxed and lifted out of my body – in a good way – ever/for a long time? I work full time, have kids, and am a happy person, but I do too much and move too quickly through things. To take some time to relax with you was incredible. 


Jessica G.

Working mom, Washington, D.C.

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