The solution to sociopath abuse recovery you’ve been waiting for has arrived!

Are you tired of not feeling 100% healed from the sociopath abuse you endured? Are you tired of being afraid to open your heart to love again? Are you tired of not trusting yourself, your inner voice, and being filled with self-doubt and self-defeating thoughts?

Despite putting in focused effort and researching everything there is to know about sociopaths and narcissists, do you still feel stuck? Despite understanding and accepting the sociopath for who and what she/he is, do you continue to struggle with doubts, fears, and anxieties the sociopath planted in your head? Are you  sick and tired of feeling like you’re still being controlled by a person who isn’t even in your life anymore?

It’s a maddening and frustrating place. It’s like the alcoholic who has been sober for 20 years but still can’t shut off the voices in her head telling her that she’s a loser for being so weak in the first place so who cares if she has 20 years of sobriety? This voice instills fears…fears that she’ll drink again, shame her family, and die a loser. And unfortunately, thanks to self-fulfilling prophecies, she will drink again as long as her fears continue to guide her blindly into tomorrow.

But there is a way to shift the inevitable, release the fears, and start moving from a place of self- love. I’m here to ask you to remain hopeful, because regardless of how many days, months, or years you’ve spent healing and trying in vain to “get back to you”, there is a solution that will free you from the vice grip of sociopath abuse and every mental health condition, addiction, and physical ailment you’re currently battling.

The solution I offer you will expand your life and open you up to your full potential, loving self beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. The solution is an intense, energetic Auric Clearing.

I know you’re open to this solution; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this now. Your inner guides wouldn’t have led you here if you weren’t ready for the most powerful healing tool available for those recovering from sociopath abuse.

I certainly didn’t go in search of Auric Clearings. Up until 6 months ago, if someone had told me I’d be reborn thanks to Auric Clearings, I would’ve laughed at them and told them to go back inside their weirdo cave. “Auric Clearings? Sounds hokey and woo woo to me!”

Well, today I’m a believer. Despite leaving the church at 16, I’ve always believed in a force greater than myself, but never imagined that I could align with that force to free my tortured and tormented mind of the s#@t I’ve experienced during the past 44 years on this earth. No, I never imagined I could find peace after seeing and experiencing the complete opposite of love and touching evil on earth. But I did. I found peace…and so can you!

What is an Auric Clearing?

Everything is energy. You are energy. Your unique energy vibration consists of millions upon millions of tiny energy molecules intimately connected, vibrating and dancing about, shaping your essence—body, mind, and spirit—extending beyond your physical body to include what is referred to as your subtle body. Together, your physical and subtle bodies form an energy field known as your aura.

Because everything is connected holistically, the integrity of your auric energy field impacts the energetic quality of your body and mind: When your aura is congested, blocked, and agitated; your body is congested, blocked, and agitated.

These blocks become “attached’ to your body and mind and manifest as dis-ease, such as unexplainable weight gain or loss, addiction, eating disorders, chronic headaches, stomach aches, menstrual cramps, cancer, depression, anxiety, PTSD, fibromyalgia, ruminating and intrusive thoughts, etc.

What causes auric attachments like congestion, blockages, and agitation?

You were born with a pristine and shiny aura, an untouched field of powerful and illuminated energy and light, where energy flowed freely and with ease from your root chakra to your crown. As you aged and integrated more and more into this earthly plane, the negative fields from outside of you—people, places, situations, ideas—began bombarding your pristine auric field and mucking it up.

Instead of processing, letting go, and releasing this negative energy; it stuck to you. Your beautiful aura, over time, insidiously began accumulating unnecessary baggage in the form of unfinished business between you and others, outdated belief systems, thought forms, paradigms, contracts, etc. From soul fragmentations and blockages to attachments and hooks, the baggage is often classified depending on its source. Regardless of the source or how it’s classified, this baggage collectively represents unresolved issues and stagnant life-force energy and is at the root of not just dis-ease but also repeated cycles of unhealthy relationship patterns, failed marriages, addiction, career and education missteps, lack of self-confidence, self-awareness, self-love, etc.

Simply put, auric baggage represents the greatest challenge to our emotional, mental and spiritual evolution.

The unfortunate reality is that we all know the baggage exists, but we feel powerless to do anything about it. We’ve been conditioned to think our baggage is a burden we must carry around like martyrs until we die. As if carrying around a bag of crap is somehow going to redeem us in the here-and-now and in the afterlife (if you believe in that kind of thing).

No. No. No. Crap is dense, heavy, and smelly. You do not have to torture yourself from the inside out to prove you’re worthy of being human. It’s okay to put down the bag o’crap.

But we hold onto that bag o’crap, because the process of letting it go was never explained to us, which is why we spend years bouncing from workshop to workshop and reading self-help book after self-help book but never getting unstuck and instead cycling and suffering through the same tiresome patterns and experiences. Regardless of the work we think we’re doing on and for ourselves, the attachments to the pain and suffering remain, and each of us inevitably fall back into the same self-destructive thinking and behavior patterns of the past. EVERYONE!

Until you permanently transmute these auric attachments, the source of the self-destructive thinking and behavior, from all levels of multidimensional awareness, including the neural networks associated with them, they will keep activating again and again. It doesn’t matter how many yoga classes you take, how much time in meditation you spend each day, or how much money you spend to walk on fire to prove yourself. If you don’t transmute and negate the energy associated with the patterns and behavior, they will remain just beneath the surface ready to take over and control your life.

And every time they activate, you charge them with more emotional energy and they get stronger and more solidified with a more powerful magnetic frequency. Solidified energetic blockages not only manifest more severe and chronic diseases, the magnetic charge from these auric attachments will also attract you to people, events, times and places with a similar low frequency thus making it very difficult to manifest a more peaceful and desired reality.

Auric Clearings make the bag o’ crap disappear!

During an Auric Clearing session, my higher self connects to your higher self. I use special commands, shields, and codes to transmute and clear ALL AURIC ATTACHMENTS. Your seven major chakras realign, and energy moves with ease along your eight morphogenetic chakras. You recover golden soul fragments in the form of clarity related to the issues being absolved, and you receive a download of new cords, templates, and soul programming from your Higher Self.

You feel an immediate release of tension and pain. The answers you’ve been seeking for years about the sociopath and your soul purpose finally present themselves to you. You are flooded with light and love and begin attracting people, places, times, and events that resonate with your new, higher frequency self.

In a nutshell, you get your life back…but better than you could imagine it being. You become empowered from within and no longer controlled by any of the dark forces on the outside. Your health returns. Your glow returns. Your intuition and insight return. Your desire to love yourself returns.

And the best part…it’s not fleeting.

I was guided to discover, learn, and practice Auric Clearings in order to be of service. Auric Clearings combined with other mindfulness tools I teach my coaching clients (i.e., cord cutting, strata clearing, yoga, meditation, clean eating, sobriety, etc.), will keep you mentally and physically healthy, energetically protected, clear, abundant, and in action.

For a limited time, I’m offering a special Auric Clearing Package to my blog and newsletter subscribers. For just $75, you’ll receive an Auric Clearing, plus I’ll teach you  easy-to-integrate clearing tools to keep your aura free of attachments and negative energy moving forward. This package is valued at $150, a 50% savings.

Release the sociopath’s grip once and for all and start building the life you were destined to live with an abundance of self-love, self-trust, and peace.

What are you waiting for? My calendar fills up quickly, so contact me today to schedule your Auric Clearing Package session!

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