Welcome to my new blog and website. I look forward to continue sharing my writing in this new home filled with new energy and purpose. I’m also happy to announce that Love. Life. Om. is officially now Love. Life. Om. Mindfulness Coaching.

What this move might mean to you

I spent the last four years blogging over at Wordpress.com (paularenee.wordpress.com) and finally made the leap to a self-hosted site here on WordPress.org (www.lovelifeom.com). If you are subscribed to or started following my WordPress.com blog before today, you will not be notified when I post a new post here.

So if you’d like to continue receiving email notifications and to see future Love. Life. Om. blog posts show up in your Reader feed, please Follow and Subscribe to this blog. To subscribe, enter your email address in the “email address” field beneath Subscribe to blog (in the right navigation on a PC and beneath the post and comment form on a tablet or smart phone).

I transferred/exported all of my posts, pages, and comments from my original blog to this blog space, so you’ll still have access to posts and information you liked and referenced.

What the new name means

Love. Life. Om. Mindfulness Coaching. Well, it means I’ll still be sharing and supporting my readers as I always have, but the subject matter has shifted and expanded. Although I remain passionate about spreading awareness about sociopaths and their impact on normal, healthy individuals, I will also share more about my experiences with yoga and meditation and the research supporting integration of mindfulness modalities into one’s life to facilitate healing, recovery, and transformation in the aftermath of any life-changing experience—sociopath abuse, trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders, stress, loss of job, death of a loved one, etc.

I am also available to be your Mindfulness Coach. Learn more about mindfulness coaching here.

A little history

I began my journey into mindfulness as a blogger in January 2012. At the time, I was in the process of awakening from an abusive relationship with a sociopath and attempting to answer the most common question victims ask themselves—why?

While connecting to blog followers, obsessively writing blog post after blog post, and responding to every comment and message received, my passion to help and support other victims and survivors emerged. To reach individuals beyond my blog, I self-published my first book, Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath, in August 2012 and second book, Unashamed Voices, in December 2014. Both are raw and engaging and offer victims and survivors validation they so desperately seek and deserve.

Life-long learning

In addition to writing as therapy, I also journeyed into other mindfulness practices, including yoga, meditation, energy healing, and integrative nutrition. The results of my transformation led to trainings and certifications as a yoga teacher in 2014, a health coach in 2015, and a meditation guide in 2016. I also hold a certification in 15th dimensional auric clearing from Source Movement Academy.

Armed with a) knowledge of mindfulness modalities; b) personal experience healing from the inside out practicing mindfulness modalities; and c) an ever-increasing passion to serve and transfer my knowledge of mindfulness modalities to others, I created this new space: Love. Life. Om. Mindfulness Coaching!

Deepest gratitude

It feels good to be here. But I owe it all to you, my readers, so Thank you! Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement through the years. I certainly wouldn’t be able to continue the work that I do without knowing I’m being of service. Your feedback has been the greatest gift I could’ve ever asked for. You kept me going when I thought I didn’t have the energy to continue. You motivated me to remain committed to writing, learning, and transformation. For that, I’m forever grateful.

With care,
Paula Carrasquillo

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Paula Reeves-Carrasquillo

Mindfulness Coach at Love. Life. Om. Mindfulness
Paula is a passionate and innovative author, educator, and mindfulness coach.
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