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It Works! wraps are infused with a botanical-based formula of natural ingredients, contain no animal by products, and were not tested on animals.

I have very sensitive skin due to psoriasis, which I have struggled to control since the age of 12. The It Works! wraps not only toned and tightened and diminished the look of cellulite on my most shameful body part (my butt!), the wraps also did not irritate my skin. Rather, the active ingredients of tea tree extract, horse chestnut, jojoba and a host of other natural ingredients had a calming and soothing effect on my often irritated and reactive skin.

With a single application, you will see and feel amazing results. Personally, I was amazed at how tightened and toned my upper thighs felt and looked. I didn’t feel as self-conscious as I usually do about walking around in shorts after a single application! It was very freeing.

In combination with a healthy lifestyle of exercise and mindful food choices, It Works! wraps provide long-lasting improvements to skin texture and appearance of cellulite.

I have been applying the wraps bi-weekly. I will post more pictures as my courage strengthens. In the meantime, consider getting started with your own wrap regimen by becoming a loyal customer. Learn more at my It Works! site and contact me if you have more questions.

~Paula C.

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