Recently, I’ve been hearing from many readers, friends, and family who feel stuck and frustrated by life and the global state of humanity in general. I keep hearing over and over again about how worn down and lost many of you’ve become.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t felt the same on occasion. I’d also be lying if I said I’ve been doing nothing to relieve myself of these depressed and anxiety-ridden sensations.

On the contrary, there’s much I do everyday, including cutting cords, grounding, and meditation. All of which I teach you inside my FREE Energy Activation Toolkit. I also gift myself weekly with 15-dimensional Auric Clearings to transmute ALL negative energy mucking up my frequency as a result of normal, everyday interactions with life.

These simple ENERGY MASTERY™ tools work! I don’t PASSIVELY wait around for Mercury to go direct or for the stars to align perfectly according to my chart. I ACTIVELY use ENERGY MASTERY™ tools to clear and cleanse my field and align my chakras and vertical energy channel to remain open and receptive to source and the harmonious energies in the midst of the chaos.

Unfortunately, I know many reading this message ARE NOT using these tools DAILY. For whatever reason, patience and hope have been lost. Trust in the process has evaporated.

So I thought I’d drop by today and offer you a personal REMINDER, a little HOPE, and a huge DOSE OF REALITY.

All is not as it seems. You are not powerless to change the state of things. You’re much more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

However, you mustn’t keep running away and ignoring reality. You mustn’t keep defaulting to your comfort zone and turning away from unpleasant images or unpleasant emotions.

If you expect life to improve, you must be brave enough to live in reality by first FACING YOURSELF.

To face yourself means to be accountable for who and where you’ve landed today. It’s not necessary to blame and shame yourself or anyone else. All that’s important is to ACCEPT, OWN, and ACKNOWLEDGE that YOU are the MASTER OF YOU.

Once you accept this with love and compassion, you’re able to then deconstruct yourself. Once deconstructed, you create space and foster creative ideas and solutions to build a better and more harmonious reality.

But you MUST FACE WHAT’S HAPPENING in this present moment rather than dismiss it as if it’s not real.

There’s no one else responsible for your decisions and choices. You got yourself where you now find yourself. You have the power to take yourself somewhere else…somewhere peaceful and blissful.

This is true on all levels: the individual, the community, and the global levels.

If you as an individual keep hiding from your demons and refuse to change, how can you expect the world at large to suddenly transform?

An ABSOLUTE global revolution is possible and begins with a revolution of the individual. You can shift your energy frequency higher and open up to spirit and a higher vibration. Once reached, your vibration balloons and radiates out, touching others and influencing them to revolt from the inside out too.

You transform, your family transforms, your community transforms, and eventually the entire planet transforms and vibrates from a place of LOVE rather than FEAR.

This is where TRUTH, BEAUTY, and HARMONY live.

I KNOW you want this. I KNOW you’re ready to FACE YOURSELF and be a part of a REVOLUTION OF SPIRIT and the ultimate REVOLUTION OF THE PLANET. I know because you’ve always been ready or you wouldn’t have continued reading this message all the way to the end.

I offer 2 resources to help jumpstart your revolution and what will surely result in the revolution of the planet.

1) Access my FREE Activate Your Energy Toolkit
2) Schedule an Auric Clearing session with me

All you have to do is say YES to a brighter tomorrow and take advantage of these resources. The choice is yours; the journey is yours; the work is yours to do.

YOU CAN DO IT! I know you can.

With love and metta,

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Paula Reeves-Carrasquillo

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